Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 2015

Sun Valley, ID for New Year's trip - Dave Duncan's house

Sledding Penny Mountain

Elk on our way to the hot springs, skiing, cross country, sleigh rides and more hot springs!

Kobe stayed with Mimi & Papa and Zach lost another tooth on the drive from Sun Valley to Salt Lake City, UT - flight home.

Annual HNR holiday party - Tim Arrington

Annual Powers Lake Holiday Party - at the Daniel's home

Baby Tori Inglesby arrives right after Thanksgiving

Holiday party at the Orrico's

Our new friend, Parks

Birthday celebrations and ginger bread house making at Matteo's

HFE Holiday party
Christmas at the Pryors

Our brand new Tesla!

Racing for Hannah and AJ's birthday (early)

Christmas morning Ages: 10 & 12

Monday, November 30, 2015

November 2015

A trip to the Georgia Aquarium

CEISMC Saturday class at GA Tech for Zach, Gavin and Trip

The kids' first Hawks game

Celebrating Erin's birthday in November - dinner at our house.

And the power goes out again.....candles and headlamps.

Thanksgiving lunch at HFE

8th Anniversary party at the Atlanta History Center - Harry Norman, Realtors

Thanksgiving Break in Delray Beach with the kids and sisters!

Ellis Island dress up day event at HFE - Capone

Finding our Christmas tree